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  • 2023-2024学年将于8月26日开放注册

    2023-2024 School Year Registration Opens on August 26, 2023.
  • Welcome to Chun Hui Chinese School!

    春晖中文学校欢迎你 !

    • 简体中文及文化课程 Simplified Chinese & Enrichment Classes 

      We offer Simplified Chinese language classes from Pre-K thru 8th Grade and AP Chinese, as well as many other cultural and enrichment classes.

    • 各类课外活动 Extracurricular Activities

      We organize various extracurricular activities and student competitions for community building and engagement.

    • 学生志愿服务项目 Student Volunteer Program

      Our student volunteer program provides alumni and local high school students opportunities for community services and support.

    • 社区沟通桥梁 Community Building & Development

      We work with local organizations to build stronger connections and foster better understanding among and beyond the Chinese community.

  • 课程设置 Our Classes

  • 我们开设简体中文、数学、成人英语、美术、民族舞、捏面人、编织等课程,并举办各类课外活动。

  • We offer Simplified Chinese, AMC Math, English classes for adults, art, folk dance, dough figurine, knitting & crochet, and more. Our students have the opportunities to participate in public speaking, art performance, sports, and many other individual and team activities in school and communities. 

    • 简体中文课程
      Simplified Chinese
      • PreK-8
        年级 Grades
      • 4+ years
        年龄 Ages
    • 文化拓展课程
      Cultural & Enrichment Classes
      • 8+ classes
        类别 Options
      • 5+ years
        年龄 Ages
    • 免费成人课程
      Free Adult Classes
      • Free
        Community Classes
      • 3
        Weekly Class Hours
    • 校级学生活动
      Extracurricular Activities
      • 4+
        学校活动 School Activities
      • 3+
        社区活动 Community Events
  • 联系我们 Contact Us

    • 学校地址 Address

      1313 Little Baltimore Road
      Hockessin, Delaware 19707

    • 联系方式 Contact
    • 上课时间 Hours

      September – May
      Saturdays, 1:00 – 6:00 pm

    • 课时安排 Sessions

      50 Minutes per Session

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