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Curriculum 课程设置

我校常年开设从幼儿班(Pre-K)至九年级共11个年级中文语言班,以及AP中文班。我校还给非华裔学生特设了三个年级的中文语言“新班”(New Track)。此外,我校还免费为当地华人及新移民开设了成人英语班。




The school strives to continuously improve the quality of its curriculum and its class offerings to both children and adults, regardless of their ages and cultural backgrounds. Currently, the school teaches standard (Mandarin) Chinese, Chinese as a Second Language, and AP Chinese. The school also offers non-language classes: Art, SAT Math, painting, crafts, Children’s choir, drama, dance, Taiji, Kung Fu, Chinese Medicine and so on. Additionally, the school has an English as a Second Language class, serving mostly adult students.

Mandarin Chinese classes offered for Chinese-speaking children from Pre-K to 9th Grade and AP Chinese. In addition, 3 levels of Chinese classes designed specifically for non-Chinese speaking children are available. The Chinese as Second Language class is also offered for adults who are interested in learning Chinese.

Math classes review a variety of topics that are relevant to Grade 6-12 mathematics. SAT/AP math class prepares students for the exams needed for their college application.

Painting classes are open to students of 5 years and up as well as adults. Both Chinese calligraphy and painting as well as general art classes are available. Chinese calligraphy and painting introduces students to writing in Chinese characters using brushes and painting in water and ink. 3 levels of general Art classes aim at stimulating students’ interest in art and drawing and teach students the basic knowledge of how to describe and draw the objective world with progressive development of thinking in images and creating basic aesthetic sense and ability.

Crafts class introduces handcraft with traditional Chinese holidays themes including origami, paper cutting, color clay craft, Chinese knots, and simple Chinese dishes.

Children’s Choir is open to 6 to 12 years. The class promotes music appreciation, singing and performance. (N/A in 2013-2014 year)

Drama is open to students of 8 years and up. Students must speak Chinese, and they receive professional training in public speech, acting and drama performance.

Dance has three sessions open to students of 5-7, 7-9, and 9 years and up, respectively. Students learn Chinese children’s folk dancing.

Taiji is open to adults. The class teaches 24-form simplified Taiji Quan in Fall and 32-form Taiji sword in Spring, covering the attack and defense skills and ways of keeping good health.

Kung Fu Chang Quan is one subcategory of Kung Fu and one kind of Chinese boxing that is extensive and natural, flexible and vigorous, quick and powerful, with clear rhythms and various action and skills.

Chinese Medicine is a free class offered to adults who are interested in learning traditional Chinese medicine and sharing health topics. Acupuncture basics are also covered in the class.