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  • 2013-2014 新任家长委员会主席 New PTA Chair Announced

    Posted on September 3, 2013 by in PTA Announcement, School Announcement

    Ms. Man Zhang, 张曼, has graciously accepted our invitation to serve as Chun Hui PTA Chair for 2013-14. As a member of PTA volunteers, she has been our POD lead for the pass couple of years. We greatly appreciate her involvement of our school operation.

    We also want to express our great appreciation to Ms. Jacqueline Yao Li 李瑶, our 2012-13 PTA chair, for her contribution to Chun Hui Chinese School in the past many years!

    PTA members assist School Manager in supervising POD (Parent-On-Duty, 家长值日) and other school logistics on Saturdays.  We are currently looking for more parents to join our PTA group and to involve our school operation directly.


    At Chun Hui, each family is required to complete 4 sessions (10 hours in total) of P-O-D assignments each year. Currently, each family is only allowed to reserve 2 session for Fall semester. 2 more sessions for Spring semester will be open for reservation in December. Please reserve your spot here.


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