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  • 2014-2015 Registration Opens

    Posted on August 23, 2014 by in Announcement, School Announcement
    你们好!转眼间新的学年就要开始了!本学年将于2014年9月6日星期六正式开学。今年学校在基本课程设置上有细微调整。根据本年度学生需求,增加了针对非中文家庭学生开放的New Track课程,合并了九年级和AP中文班,并增设一门“竞赛数学课”,希望感兴趣的同学选修。此外,今年还将开设一门“信息科技讲座(IT Seminar)”,通过挖掘家长中的有识之士,采用博采众长、轮流讲座的模式,向我们的孩子们介绍最新科技动向,从基本网页设计技术,到小机器人的工作原理,到电脑游戏的产业链等有趣内容,并免费向全校学生开放。我们希望通过这个课程的设置,进一步激发孩子们学习的热情,开发他们的潜力。



    本学年的注册已经正式开放,请大家登录学校官网 注册课程。个别课程因学生人数限制,为保证最佳的课时选择,请速登录学校网站进行注册。



    春晖中文学校校长   方晨

    Dear Parents and Students,
    Welcome back to Chun Hui Chinese School! This year we will continue offering various Chinese language and culture classes with multiple options from 1:00 to 6:00 on every Saturday afternoons, starting September 6, 2014.

    The coming 2014-2015 school year will mark another important year at Chun Hui. We have made some adjustments to the curriculum, including combining the traditional Chinese Grade 9 and AP Chinese classes into one “Advance Chinese” Class, and adding back the “Intermediate New Track” class to non-heritage students therefore the “New Track” classes will continue to be offered in three different levels. In order to improve the learning experience of our students in 6th-grade or above,  math classes will be offered in two different tracks, including one class focusing on SAT Math and another preparing more advanced students to state or national level Math Competitions.

    This year we will also offer a newly designed “IT Seminars” to all students who are interested in learning new technology, from basic web design to build a mini robots to understand the video game industry chain and etc. We hope our youngsters would learn from the expertise of their parents and appreciate their hard work, therefore be inspired to succeed in the future. The class will be open freely to all students.

    We will also work closely with several volunteer parents to provide opportunities and guidance for high school students to engage in community services. Please contact us if you are interested in donating your time to Chun Hui.

    Due to the increase in classroom rental rates, we have to impose a minimum increase to tuition this year. For each language class, tuition increases by $10 per semester. For each culture class, the tuition will be $5 more each semester.

    In order to maintain a smooth operation, the school also imposes a new Parent-On-Duty (PDO) deposit rate at $80 per family. We encourage parents to take this opportunity to get involved in school operation and to build a stronger support to the school. The PDO deposit can be fully refunded or carried over to next year, if the parent fulfills his or her duties as described in the School registration agreement.

    Registration for the 2014-2015 school year is now open. Please visit our school website and register at your earliest convenience for better choices of classes.

    We believe a student at Chun Hui may look forward to many highly rewarding educational and personal experiences, and most importantly, to the development of positive association with Chinese language and culture through various activities. We appreciate your continuing support to Chun Hui. With a commitment to do our best and be our best for Chui Hui’s amazing students, we look forward to working with you in the coming year.

    We’ll see you on the first day of school!
    Carrie Fang

    Announcement of 2014-2015 School Council Members:

    School Council Members for 2014-2015 校务委员2014-2015 :
    Siqun Wang 王思群 – Chair 主席
    Bei Wang 王蓓 – PTA President 家长委员会主席
    Han Zou 邹莟,Wei Jiang 蒋伟,Jiyu Chen 陈吉宇, Jianping Fan 范建萍, Liyun Wang 王利芸
    (Teacher and Parents representative TBA)

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