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  • 学生注册系统做了全面更新。如有未完善之处,请您谅解。
  • The New Registration site link will be published here tomorrow (8/25 Sat) evening on this page.
  • 所有在校注册过的学生和家庭信息已经转移到了新系统中。但是您的用户密码需要您通过“密码重置”功能从新设置。完成信息验证后,您会收到由[email protected] 发出的更改密码链接。这个过程大致1-5分钟之间。请您不要重复要求新密码链接,以避免给系统造成过多负荷。请务必查看“垃圾邮箱”
  • All students and families information have been transferred into the new system. However, you will need to reset your password by using the “forget password” function. Once the verification passed, you will receive an email from [email protected] It might take between 1 – 5 mins. Please do not repeatedly send request for new password to avoid overloading the system. Please make sure to check the “Junk/Spam Mail” folder.
  • 请您务必仔细校对您和学生的姓名及联系方式。如有任何更新,请在您的家庭用户中直接更改。学生和家长的中文姓名请尽量提供。
  • Please verify yours and your student information, including name spelling, contact phone number and email address.
  • 注册中文K-AP的学生家庭需在一学年内完成4次家长值日(每个家庭)。但秋季只开放注册2次。12月初开放明年春季的家长值日注册。
  • Families with students from K-AP will need to finish 4 sessions of Parent Duties PER FAMILY. For Fall semester, you can only register two sessions. The Spring session will be open for registration in early December.
  • 注册问题,可以联系chunhuischoolATgmailDOTcom.
  • For any question about the registration, please email to chunhuischoolATgmailDOTcom
  • Click Here to Start Registration