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Class Hour: Sat 1 - 6pm
Voice Mail: (919) 964-0591

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Chinese Language

Prepare yourself to speak the most spoken language in the world and open up a future at your advantage at Delaware Chun Hui Chinese School. 用中文敲开通向未来之门!

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Culture Heritage

Chinese culture is fascinating! With so many elements to learn and such a long history to appreciate, you'll find it intriguing and rewarding in your learning from Delaware Chun Hui Chinese School. 体验文化,感受传统,传承精神!

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Learn It the Fun Way

Learning Chinese in a fun and engaging way! 没试过你怎么知道不好玩?学以致用,体会中文乐趣。

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News & Events

View Delaware Chun Hui Chinese School News and Community Events Announcement! 春晖学校通知及活动信息!

子曰:学而时习之,不亦说乎?有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎? To learn and at due times review what one has learned, isn’t that pleasurable? To have friends come to you from afar, isn’t that delightful? -Confucius