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  • 2013 Chun Hui the 4th Speech Contest Result 春晖第四届演讲比赛获奖通知

    Posted on November 15, 2013 by in School Announcement


    Last Saturday on the 9th of November, we had a successful Speech Contest where a total of 74 students from Pre-K through 9th grade have showcased their Chinese language skills along with excellent public speaking charisma.  We see a lot of returning contestants who have made significant improvements over the past years and many new younger faces who did excellent jobs too! We will strive to provide more opportunities for our students to demonstrate their public speaking skills at Chun Hui! We appreciate your continuous support!

    Contest result is announced below:

    Students with an * mark will be recommended to participate in the Greater Philadelphia Regional Chinese School Speech Contest this year. More details to follow.)

    双语组 (Bilingual)

    一等奖 1st Place  费小祺 Julianne Pheris*    周梦娜 Samantha Ritschel*

    二等奖 2nd Place  梅美莲  Mia Romish-Mui

    三等奖 3rd Place   俞中兴 Janelle Yu

    1-3年级组 (Grades 1-3)

    一等奖  杨鑫*       朱诗雨*       高络园* 

    二等奖  童铭萱      张汇然      罗蕴泽    张良玉

    三等奖   郭宇茜     林小西      赵若兰    丁佳宁     齐喆      康博东

    4-6年级组 (Grades 4-6)

    一等奖  蔡文森*     杨冰冰*

    二等奖   蔡丽莎     张沛然

    三等奖   程骞      童诗芊      付瑞      孙仲昊       黄佳林

    7年级以上组 (Grades 7 and above)

    一等奖  康博西*

    二等奖   朱晋*


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