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  • Maths Class Announcement at Delaware Chun Hui Chinese School

    Posted on September 26, 2013 by in School Announcement

    MathClassYour brain is feeling bored and wants more challenges? Or you simply need more power to figure out this: x (a/b) = bth root of (x a) = ( bth (x) ) a? Now we have a solution.

    We are much honored to have invited Dr. Xiquan Shi, Professor in Mathematics from Delaware State University, to teach the Math classes at Chun Hui, starting this Saturday September 28.

    Dr. Xiquan Shi, a tenured mathematical full professor at Delaware State University, received his B.S. in Mathematics at Jilin University in 1984 and taking only four years he received his Ph.D. degree in Applied Mathematics at Jilin University in 1988. He was awarded a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation of Germany in 1990. AvH Foundation founded by Germany Government selected around 500 fellows all over the world in 1990. In 1992, he took the offer of Dalian University of Technology as an associate professor and was promoted to a full professor in 1993, became the youngest full professor that year. He published about 100 journal papers and is/was one of the editors of four mathematical journals.

    Dr. Shi’s math classes will be focusing on different topics and students.

    1. SAT/AP Math (3-4pm): Focus on students that are preparing SAT/AP test, training the regular SAT/AP problems. Students must have learned all basic math concepts. Be prepared for challenges to your brain!
    2. Math Tutoring (4-5pm): Focus on the important and difficult subjects that are studied at regular school. Help students form logical understanding of common math concepts. Students must be attending Grade 6 and above in regular schools.

    数学太简单,脑细胞需要挑战?或者这个公式x (a/b) = bth root of (x a) = ( bth (x) ) a太复杂,需要高人指点?让我们来帮你。




    1. SAT/AP训练(下午3-4点):针对要准备 SAT/AP考试的学生。课程将采用现在通用 SAT/AP训练教材。学生必须已经掌握了SAT/AP考试涵盖的基本数学概念。
    2. 数学辅导课(下午4-5点):以学校所学的内容为主,帮助学生加深对数学的理解。主要训练一些通常的重点和难点。现就读全日制学校六年级或以上的学生。

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