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  • DCAA Family Picnic and Chun Hui Fall School Game

    Posted on September 20, 2013 by in School Announcement


    1. Please note that the event is held at the pavilion #1 again as usual.

    2. Please also note the details of the game events below. We are looking forward to your active participation.

    3. If possible, be a role model for the kids and clean up the site with them before leaving.



    1. 经与公园协商,活动还是在一号大棚举行。

    2. 请您浏览一下后面表内运动会的项目,并踊跃报名。

    3. 同时建议如果您时间身体许可的话,在活动结束时和孩子们一起花上几分钟帮助清理场地,为孩子们做个表率。


    DCAA Family Picnic and Chunhui Fall School Game


    Time: Sunday, September 22, 11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    时间:星期日,九月22日,11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


    Location:Paper Mill Park, Pavilion #1, 1050 Paper Mill Road, Newark, DE 19711

    地点:Paper Mill Park, 1号大棚, 1050 Paper Mill Road, Newark, DE 19711


    People: All the members and friends of DCAA. Feel free to forward this announcement to your friends who are not in this mailing list.
    人员: 所有的DCAA成员和朋友们。欢迎转发给其他亲朋好友共同参与这个欢乐聚会。

    Picnic: We will supply drinks, hot dogs, watermelons, mooncakes, plates, and utensils. You bring your delicious food to share. If you can bring enough for your entire family, then everyone will have plenty to eat.

    Fun Activities: There will be fun games with prizes for you and your family to participate in.  The park also has sports and playground facilities.  Feel free to bring your favorite sport or fun equipments to share with friends.


    谁手头有儿童足球门,呼啦圈,并愿意带上借给比赛中使用,请联系陶月飞[email protected] or 510-816-1355

    2013 Events 项目

    呼拉圈 Hula Hoop
    个人跳绳 Role Jump
    儿童短跑 Sprint
    成人接力 Relay
    运乒乓球 Ping Pong Transfer
    立定跳远 Long Jump
    投篮比赛 Basketball Shoot
    足球射门比赛 Soccer Shoot


    What to wear:  Comfortable shoes and clothes. You may want to bring an extra change or two for your active kids. You may also want to bring the safety gears for your kids if they ride bicycles or roller skates.


    What else to bring: If you want to sit comfortably, your own folding chairs or lawn chairs will give you a guaranteed seat. If you do bring one, don’t forget to mark it or write your name on it. The most important thing. Please bring a very happy mood and a lot of laughter with you.



    DCAA board

    DCAA 董事会

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