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  • DCAA College preparation seminar series for parents

    Posted on September 20, 2013 by in Community Seminars

    时间:9月21日2:00 PM-4:00PM

    地点:   CACC Library

    Little Baltimore and Valley Roads, Hockessin, Delaware 19707

    演讲者:Mr. Joseph Schofield

    主办方:Delaware Chinese American Association (DCAA)


    DCAA is organizing a series of college preparation seminars  to support families in the community who have rising high  school juniors and seniors. In the seminars, we will invite  parents and local professionals to share with us their  experience, tips and knowledge in support your children  through the college preparation and applications  process.

    On September 21, we are inviting Mr. Joseph Schofield, a  college planning specialist (featured in the News Journal),  to give us a Free informative workshop as the first one of  these seminar series. This Workshop will also provide  insightful and straightforward facts you need to know to  beat the high costs of college! Find out how to avoid costly  mistakes, and get the inside story of how to “work the  system”!

    DCAA将组织大学预备系列研讨会,以帮助社区中即将申请大学的学生家庭。我们将陆续邀请一些家长和本地的专业人士,与我们分享他们的经验,支持您的孩子在申请大学的过程中,充分展示自己的能力. 同时也提供给您一些申请大学和奖学金的过程,技巧与此知识。

    我们邀请了一位大学规划专家:约瑟夫·斯科菲尔德先生(德拉华报纸曾报道过他),将在9月21日给我们这研讨会系列做第一个免费讲座。本次讲座将为你提供一些申请大学不为人知的事实和如何避免上大学的高昂学费. 让你了解如何避免代价高昂的错误,并通过破析大学申请的内目,来驾驭这一系统!

    Joseph Schofield’s contact: Phone: 800-967-9554 and Email: [email protected]


    陶月飞 [email protected] or 510-816-1355

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