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  • Chun Hui Newsletter 09-13-2013 春晖周刊 09-13-2013

    Posted on September 13, 2013 by in School Announcement

    Course/classroom arrangement updates

    We hope you and your kids have had a good first day of school experience last week! We are making some course and classroom adjustment according the feedback from our students parents and our staff. Please review the latest course and classroom arrangement through the link attached here. Thanks to our loyal newsletter subscribers for experiencing the difference, month after month. Please let us know for any comments.

    Items for Review:

    • Art Interm (3-4pm) class is split into two classes at the same time. Split will be based on age groups this Saturday. Ms. Helen Zhou will continue to teach one class in Rm 6 and Ms. Liu Hongwei will teach another class in Rm 3. You will receive email shortly for student placement. Students younger than 8 will be placed in Rm 3 and students older will be staying in Rm 6 during the class hour.Ms. Liu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and many years of experience in the Advertising industry. She was an interior design artist and once an Art Editor and Director for several newspaper and publication in China. She will cover colors, shapes, the design concept and some advanced sketch techniques in her class using crayons, colored pencil, Oil pastel and other tools.


    • Teachers will review class roster this week. Student MUST attend the correct class session that he/she is registered for. No random switch between different sessions is allowed without prior approval directly from the class teacher. All of our 1-3pm Chinese classes for K – 4 have reached its maximum capacity. Please make arrangement to attend the exact same course, taught by the same teacher, at 4-6pm. If you could make switch to the 4-6pm session, please let us know.


    • Stage Performance Class (舞台服装表演-苗淼) has been generously sponsored by DCAA United Way campaign funding and it is free for admission anyone older than 8 (and adult).  If you have previously registered, please contact school office for refund. We are encouraging more community members to take advantage of this offer.


    • PARKING: Please follow the direction from “Parent on Duty”. Do not block the parking lot driving way.


    • Chun Hui School Game Registration  here.  在秋高气爽的九月,迎着秋日的和煦, 伴随着中秋佳节的来临,我们春晖中文学校也迎来了第一届全校运动会。根据学校的安排,将于 9月22日1点在paper mill park 隆重举行。希望各年级的同学们,老师们,家长们踊跃报名!报名方式有以下几种方式:网站上或者现场报名。


    Upcoming Events

    9/14 Sat

    Moon Cake Sales

    1pm, Chun Hui School hall way

    9/14 Sat

    DCAA Seminar Series:

    Introducing DCAA

    2pm, Chun Hui School Library

    9/21 Sat

    DCAA Seminar Series:

    College preparation seminar series for parents,DCAA大学申请准备讲座

    2pm, Chun Hui School Library

    9/22 Sun

    Chun Hui School Game

    1pm, Paper Mill Playground

    Event Registration Here

    9/22 Sun

    DCAA Annual Fall Picnic

    11am, Paper Mill Playground

    【DCAA】Moon Cake Sales 月饼销售

    Seven types of mooncakes will be on sale at various prices. For details, please visit the sales booth. Exact changes will be appreciated.


    1)  沪港月圆混装月饼 – $14/盒

    2)  福香园精装双黄白莲蓉 – $20.00/盒

    3)  福香园精装双黄豆沙 – $20.00/盒

    4)  福香园精装纯正五仁 – $21/盒

    5)  福香园精装纯正豆沙 – $20.00/盒

    6)  六惠盒装单黄豆沙 – $18.00/盒

    7)  六惠盒装核桃枣泥 – $18.00/盒

    Introduction of DCAA

    2-4pm. Chun Hui Library

    The seminar will be a forum for the DCAA Board Members to introduce DCAA to its members.


    介绍会主讲人暨DCAA董事会主席Harry Wang联系方式,E-mail: [email protected]


    陶月飞 [email protected] or 510-816-1355


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